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Phone Hours for The Best Daddy Project are from 7am-8pm
(312)404-9334 Contact us to make appointments, ask questions, and follow up on existing cases.

Who We Are?

Becoming popular for The Best Daddy Project Challenge on Facebook, Organic Life Family & Community is a 501(c)(3), not for profit organization on the Southside of Chicago.  Our number one goal is to empower our community partners and clients with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in all their endeavors to be entreprenuers and self-sufficient people.  We seek for simple, "natural" ways to live life to the fullest and share that life with you!  Organic doesn't only have to do with fresh produce, we can realize it's richer meaning that has to do with that which is fundamental, principle and essential.  Most times, success aludes us and we live in lack, because we are oftentime driven away from that which is essential, principle and fundamental.  But you'll be happy to know that we can help with that.

Some of our signature programs include:

 The Financial Capacity Building (FCB) Program where we help you garner support from your own contacts to address immediately pressing financial obligations.  And what a phenomenally, liberating feeling you receive  as your financial "mountain" is "cast" into the "sea" and drowned by the generosity, love and care of your own community!  Call (312)404-9334 now to find out just how we can help you with your most sincere need whether big or small.

The other most eventful program is known as The Best Daddy Project/Challenge in which any person who chooses to participate is eligible to win at least $2500 each year that the program exists! See what all the fuss is about at www.fb.com/thebestdaddyproject . Also click the tab or links to find out how you can participate and win, too!

As we dare to change the face and the pace of philanthropy in a nation in financial crisis, we encourage you to be that face and join this race with us for the sake of the prosperity of your own family, business and community!  Let's Go! 


  1. Entrepreneurial Mentorship
  2. Self-Sufficiency Mentorship
  3. Early Childhood Education Services
  4. Community Capacity Building Initiatives
  5. Resource Advancement & Volunteer Project
  6. Referrals to Products & Paid Services

Entrepreneur/Self-employment Mentorship Programs
  1. Internship for Excellence (InternExcel) Program
  2. New Inventor’s (NI) Club
  3. Incarcerated & Formerly Entrepreneurs (IFE) Program
  4. Mind Power (MP) Program
  5. Professional Make-Over Assistance Program (Haircare, Hygiene, Professional Attire, Uniform, Image Branding)
  6. Music For A Change Summer Program
  7. Internet Resource Room

Self-Sufficiency Mentorship Programs
  1. Computer Literacy Training, Online Business Support
  2. Green Solutions for Home-Life Training
  3. Homeownership Support (Credit, Purchasing, Referrals)
  4. Frugal Functionality (Life Skills Training, Referral Services, Cooking, Home Maintenance, Homeschooling, Parent & Family Development Training, Shopping)

Early Childhood & Teen Educational Services
  1. Teachers’ Organizational Advisory Services
  2. OLFC Daycare Program
  3. Early Childhood Education Services
  4. College Preparatory Outreach Services

Community Capacity Building Initiatives
  1. The Best Daddy Project
  2. Financial Capacity Building Program
  3. Community Meetings, Park concerts, Give-Aways, Community Vendors
  4. Sing For A Change Summer Outreach Program
  5. Local Partnerships - Businesses, Supportive Service Providers, & Residents
  6. Conferences & Retreats

Resource Advancement & Volunteer Projects
  1. The Best Daddy Project Challenge
  2. 1 Million People Fundraiser
  3. Grant Writing
  4. Referral Products & Paid Service

Referrals to Products & Paid Services
  1. To be announced.